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How Companies use Text Alerts to Control Employee Data Usage

Being able to inspect and report data usage in real-time can significantly reduce how much data your employees are using.  When one CIO became concerned about the rising cost of her company’s data use, she found real-time alerts not only significantly reduced mobile data usage, but a byproduct she wasn’t expecting was productivity increased overall.

As this company learned, all it took to significantly reduce mobile expense cost was to identify policy thresholds and send alerts when data usage reached these thresholds. No company today should be paying for the out-of-control data usage habits of its employees especially when education and alerts can be this effective. With the help of MobilSentry™ Real-time, now you don’t have to.

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Real-time Data Pool Optimization

One of the biggest costs associated with unmanaged data pooling is overages but just as damaging is unused data.  Most companies don’t realize data pools can be adjusted throughout the bill cycle. To truly avoid overages and minimize the financial impact of paying for unused data, companies need access to carrier data in real-time. Simply put, companies who don’t have access to mobile data pools in real-time are overpaying. MobilSentry™ Real-Time is what companies need; a solution that provides real-time, month-to-date usage to fine tune mobile data pool levels.

No longer do companies have to rely on incomplete and inaccurate carrier reporting tools. With up-to-the-minute data quantities in real-time, pools can be matched exactly to month-end usage levels and completely avoid the cost consequences of guessing.

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International roaming issues? One migrating stork racks up $2700 in charges!

A Polish environmental group was using GPS tracking devices to tag and study the migration of storks. One stork’s journey to the Sudan ended up costing $2700 in international charges. This bird clearly didn’t understand roaming plans!

Wanna bet that this environmental company isn’t the only company to experience mysterious international charges? While you wouldn’t expect a stork to understand the subtleties of carrier international roam usage, many traveling employees find themselves in the same place from lack of understanding how carrier international usage works.

In the case of this stork, it was bad luck migrating without the right international feature. For companies who travel abroad, knowing the nuances of how this usage works can dramatically minimize cost. Click here to learn more.

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