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    From our earliest MobilSentry™ design objective of building a general purpose wireless management platform we set out to enable a solution that could be custom tailored to support a diverse set of our clients’ needs. Because of this, our application offers a unique proposition to each one of our clients. Our success and high customer retention is attributable to our ability to be agile in the design and customization of our solution architecture coupled with our distinctive consultative implementation and deployment style. We have established a lengthy track record of functionality enhancements and agile deployments.

    Adaptable Architecture

    Our engineering team incorporated three key attributes in the design of MobilSentry™: modularity, extensibility and scalability. This foundation coupled with a rapid prototyping philosophy allows us to easily adapt, customize and grow our functionality in order to meet the expanding requirements of our customers within a timely manner.


    Modularity – MobilSentry™ comprises a set of building block solution modules that are easily deployed in a variety of ways offering a range of pricing options to our clients. We can support an entire wireless device lifecycle or focus on the areas of your greatest pain.

    Extensibility – Designed with an extensive set of configuration options, we are able to tailor the user experience to match varying cultural styles and business processes particularly when it comes to a broad set of prerequisites around provisioning services.

    Scalability – Our application and services scale from small/medium business to Fortune 100 companies. We bring an approach to market for companies managing simple tasks to large enterprise operations, all using the same scalable methodologies and technologies.

    Flexible Service Methodology

    Agility is not just a principle of our solution architecture but it is how we also manage our service delivery. Our value-add capabilities range from training in-house staff to operate in a self-sustaining manner to full outsourcing, as well as any blended mix of in-house and outside resources.

    Rapid ROI – At MobilSense we implement a priority-driven methodology based on ranking our clients’ organizational needs according to their highest pain points and most significant savings opportunities.

    Blended Services – since our platform is highly automated, many clients operate with little need for outside expertise. We can train our customer’s staff and provide periodic support as needed or we can augment resources by shouldering the load in areas such as Help Desk and Order Fulfillment.

    Advisory Approach – from implementation to deployment, we do not hesitate to advise our clients on trade secrets that can lead to process improvements or contractual advantages with their carriers.  

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