Leading-Edge Optimization

Since MobilSentry was launched in 2001, our focus has been to provide a maximum level of automation surrounding the tasks of mobile expense management. With 19 years of experience, we have developed time-tested algorithms to generate maximum savings opportunities with minimum human intervention.

Reliable and predictable savings calculations are the foundation of our optimization technology, which continually evolves to match carrier invoice changes to ensure maximum savings for each client. In addition to carefully monitoring monthly savings, our model also supports rapid savings assessments in competitive bid situations or to support sales prospecting activities.

Recurring Pool and Plan Optimization

Our traditional optimization capabilities rely on a rolling three months of sequential client invoices.  Once the most recent invoice month is loaded, MobilSentry will model pooling under all available options to determine the most cost-effective pooling model available. Trending is used to make suggestions for savings improvements through pool consolidations, data buffer changes, or by shifting high usage devices to unlimited plan options. In addition to ensuring the optimum pooling levels, lucrative savings can also be found in changes to the international voice, data, and messaging features. Monthly recommendations provide opportunities to consistently keep carrier invoices optimized based on overall company data usage and internal travel history. Optimization algorithms are also sensitive to both unused features and zero use device instances presenting opportunities for suspending or terminating devices to yield additional savings. Learn More

Real Time Optimization

By frequently polling the carrier sites for up-to-date device usage data, MobilSentryRT does all the work of calibrating the status of pool usage based on days remaining in the bill cycle and amount of data remaining.  Color coding shows the projected outcome for each pool at the close of the current unbilled cycle, which alerts administrators of opportunities to change pool membership or add data before bill cycles close to eliminate costly data overage charges and minimize unused data. Changes will be modeled in real-time with the application and logged to be exported and processed. Learn More

Self-Service BillScan Utility

Often in the process of prospecting and sales funnel development, it is helpful to present an early assessment of savings opportunities. Where hand calculations can be tedious and inaccurate, MobilSentry BillScan delivers the same algorithms and automation of our core optimization capability in a module that permits partners to self-load PDF invoices and identify the most obvious savings recommendations with minimal time invested. This capability supports custom carrier pricing and BillScan allows for repetitive evaluations via a ‘Reset and Reuse’ methodology. Learn More