Boom! Savings in the House!

savingsinthehouse_shutterstock_173155097When I started with MobilSense, I was told the sales cycle for our product could be lengthy.  I learned one of the issues contributing to the delay with some clients moving quickly is the sentiment their IT department is doing ‘just fine’ managing wireless.  Another is skepticism of the ROI and projected savings.

Soon after starting, I sat in on a sales call which included a demonstration of MobilSentry™.  I listened to our potential client, Mark*, whose company managed 1,800 devices, talk about the inordinate amount of time it took his accounting manager, Stacy*, to process their wireless invoices.  He explained by having to compare names off the invoice to an AP file identifying the accounting code, it took three days to process their wireless invoices.  Therefore, he was looking to offset the time it took by incorporating automation which he hoped would free Stacy up to focus on other things.  Second, he wanted to make sure he wasn’t overpaying the carriers.  Pretty straight forward, I thought.  As in, cinchy; we got this!

After the demonstration, along with a full explanation of how MobilSentry works, Mark handed over his logins to the carriers so that our team could retrieve three months of his company’s wireless invoices; a follow-up call was scheduled two days later.  During our call, Mark was told he could save $14,500 immediately by terminating service for his unused devices.  I mean, BOOM!  Savings in the house!  Just like that and not a single rate plan was optimized. Next, he was told initial optimization savings would be $9,000 for a grand total of $23,500 in the first month.  I learned this is the entry point of skepticism: Mark was dumbfounded aka skeptical.  In fact, he was so skeptical that he asked for a written guarantee of savings and if the savings were not met he asked for a refund.  Of course we agreed because his initial savings are just that, initial.  After several months with us, we know his savings will only grow and why agreeing to his terms was a no-brainer.  Needless to say, our potential client has become our newest client.

Turns out, after the first month Stacy was dumfounded too but without a single shred of skepticism.  Besides the obvious cost savings, I bet you’re wondering why?  Remember the aforementioned three day wireless invoice process?  It now takes only 30 minutes to process their wireless invoices.  Again, Boom!  Savings in the house!  Maybe for some companies hiring another headcount doesn’t equate to savings but for this company it sure did.

*Names changed to protect the now-famous.

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2 thoughts on “Boom! Savings in the House!”

  1. The dollar savings and time saved is very impressive!  I can understand the the client’s skepticism as the savings was quoted as a pretty high amount.  With such a high initial dollar savings is it still possible for the client to have significant savings in months to come?

    1. Yes. Using our patented invoice optimization tool, savings will continue to grow as rate plans are adjusted to match each users’ usage.

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