Branded Help Desk

Today, organizations are faced with the challenge of supporting large and diverse communities of in-house and mobile employees. Acknowledging that general customer support provided by wireless carriers is neither intended or adequate for business users, companies are faced with the choice of dedicating in-house resources or utilizing third-party expertise to meet their employee’s wireless handset needs. Our help desk can be that focal point of contact between customer organizations and their users.

With over a decade of experience in wireless expense management, our staff is uniquely qualified to solve problems before they impact your business. We deliver:

  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 support
  • Highly skilled call center specialists at a lower cost than in-house models
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Support resources to handle peak volume periods


Device Repair/Spare Depot Services
When a device is lost, stolen or damaged prior to upgrade eligibility, companies are forced to pay full price for a replacement. With smartphones priced upwards of $1,000, it’s not only a steep price to pay but can be easily avoided. As your branded help desk, MobilSense will keep a repository of devices to address these types of issues by providing a low-cost way to address replacement devices. We offer companies the ability to maintain an inventory of used, terminated or unneeded devices as spares that can be shipped out to fulfill the replacement.

MDM Client Support
With the assistance of the MobilSense Help Desk services, device activation can address employees’ MDM enrollment and email synchronization issues providing them with a one-stop location for all their wireless handset deployment, upgrade and maintenance issues.

Our U.S. based customer branded help desk support service can improve the efficiency and meet the individual support needs of all your mobile users.

When this national paper products company outsourced their help desk to MobilSense, they not only improved efficiency in service ordering capability but obtained predictable and timelier cost allocation reporting resulting in a 67% operating cost reduction.