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Annualized Savings of $7.4M

A Midwest Health Care Products Company with over 11,000 corporate-liable cellular devices and a monthly expense of $1.1M selected MobilSense to perform a one-time, 90-day optimization. During this time, MobilSense demonstrated their expertise by bringing their monthly cellular expense down to $850K along with reducing their device count from 11,000 devices to under 9,000.

From there, the project grew from a 90-day engagement to ongoing. Within a year’s time, the company’s monthly expense was cut by almost 50% from $1.1M down to $607K,  for an annualized savings of $6.7M!

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MobilSense Announces New Life-cycle Program

Company financial and security risk associated with enterprise data left on end-of-life corporate-liable devices is a legitimate and growing concern. The cost of data breaches is on the rise. Even when employees or MDM software is resetting a device to factory settings and wiping data, it doesn’t deter individuals with nefarious intent from extracting private information from a discarded device. A recent IBM study cites a 6% data breach increase from 2017 to 2018 where a single breach can cost a company millions of dollars, per incident.

Ensuring that all data is removed from a device no longer in service requires the expertise of a certified organization who meets industry and government standards. To address this growing security concern along with our clients increasing interest in the environmentally conscious disposal of mobile devices, MobilSense announces its partnership with a certified recycle and disposal company. This capability is included at no additional charge for those who subscribe to our Help Desk service. Simply enter a termination or upgrade order through MobilSentry™ Order Manager and a return box for shipping the old device will be shipped.

How does the new MobilSense Lifecycle Service work?
When an upgrade order placed via MobilSentry™ Order Manager has been approved, a return box for shipping the old device is delivered to the same shipping address of the upgrade device.

Why is my mobile data still at risk if have reset to factory settings? The only way to truly protect data is to physically remove bits on the internal drive of the device. To simply reset or delete only hides the information from a typical user.

Why do mobile phones need to be recycled?
Most mobile phones contain plastics and precious metals that when placed in a landfill can pollute the air and contaminate the soil and drinking water.

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International roaming issues? One migrating stork racks up $2700 in charges!

A Polish environmental group was using GPS tracking devices to tag and study the migration of storks. One stork’s journey to the Sudan ended up costing $2700 in international charges. This bird clearly didn’t understand roaming plans!

Wanna bet that this environmental company isn’t the only company to experience mysterious international charges? While you wouldn’t expect a stork to understand the subtleties of carrier international roam usage, many traveling employees find themselves in the same place from lack of understanding how carrier international usage works.

In the case of this stork, it was bad luck migrating without the right international feature. For companies who travel abroad, knowing the nuances of how this usage works can dramatically minimize cost. Click here to learn more.

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