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How this Regional Fast Food Chain Encouraged Employee Productivity

A regional fast-food chain installed cellular-based routers that provided WWAN connectivity intended only for business email, VoIP calling, and point-of-sale transactions. However, employees were logging on to the network for social media and video streaming.

The chain’s IT department could not analyze and control cellular data usage on these routers, even though they had cellular connectivity.

MobilSentry™’s Data Manager function allowed the organization to block access to entire categories of websites, including social media and audio and video streaming. Meanwhile, business traffic remains free to traverse the network. With protections in place, IT staff are buying significantly smaller data plans. No company should have to pay for its employee’s online entertainment.

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How this Oil & Gas Company Protects its Cellular Assets from Hackers

An oil and gas company used routers embedded with SIM cards on pipelines throughout Texas and Oklahoma. These routers provided cellular data access to sensors on pipelines. Suddenly, data usage on the endpoints increased from the usual 50MB per month to 50GB per month, per router.


The IT staff had been using carrier-provided, public static IP addresses, which are accessible on the Internet. Hackers found those addresses and launched DDOS attacks on the routers.


MobilSentry was able, via white-listing capability, to limit access to a loT device to a small set or even a single IP address for communication. Choosing private addresses, rather than public, is a common-sense action but it wasn’t enough. The solution lies in the ability to limit access to a finite list of IP addresses, thereby preventing malicious access.

MobilSense assigned private IP addresses to the routers, and the oil and gas company now tracks the routers via MobilSentry™. Real-time analytics offer insight into data usage and MobilSentry™ sends alerts if any router surpasses usage thresholds. The platform allows the organization to blacklist and whitelist routers as needed, which has led to reduced data costs and improved security measures.

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How this Company Created Mobile Data Usage Awareness

Before implementing MobilSentry™, all this company could do was watch high data usage increase its mobility budget month over month. The lack of enforceable usage policy left the enterprise with no way to impose consequences for excessive consumption.


Most users were not acting maliciously; rather, simply did not realize the extent to which their data consumption impacted company cost.


Using MobilSentry™, the organization created greater awareness by sending notifications when users reached pre-determined thresholds. The new and enforceable expectation of prudent usage for audio and video streaming and social media usage changed most employees’ behavior resulting in an immediate reduction in mobility cost.

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