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    CYOD – A Better Mobile Administration Model

    While BYOD held the promise of a mega revolutionary trend, industry data confirms companies are retreating from using personal liable devices in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model. As companies have added the latest smartphone models to their catalog, there has been a steady decline in BYOD adoption. According to a report from CompTIA, 53 percent of companies surveyed have outright abandoned BYOD.

    Why the shift?

    ■ Companies have come to realize that the issue with BYOD isn’t just that employees must fend for themselves, but it’s difficult to enforce security policies on non-corporate liable devices.
    ■ The reduction in overhead gained through avoiding centralized mobile device management is not worth the issues it has created around security and productivity
    ■ Allowing employees to choose between a robust catalog of pre-approved devices along with mechanisms for employees to share in the cost preserves enterprise control while maintaining an overall reduction in overhead.
    ■ The complications of managing a fleet of personally owned mobile devices is replaced by a model that delivers better control over usage, cost and security.

    Synergies of centralized processes for device acquisition and monthly administration coupled with policies stipulating where employees can subsidize for non-business expenses not only yields the most cost effective solution but the highest employee satisfaction.


    Important points on this topic to consider:

    • Choice Is A Key Component – personal choice in the equipment selection is important to a balanced mobile strategy. It keeps employees happy and accountable.
    • Central Management Costs Less – in total cost comparisons, central management with the right tool is hands down the enterprise low-cost winner.
    • Business Continuity Is Key – when trouble strikes, personal liable smartphones and tablets can create an immediate crisis. Recovery in a centrally managed scenario is always less disruptive.
    • Tools Make Central Management Easier – unlike a loosely managed fleet of employee liable mobile devices, a central management approach with the right wireless management tools instills the confidence of control and predictability.
    • Personal Choice Costs Can Be Reimbursed – the right management tools permit sharing the costs with the individual. A centrally controlled management software solution will help you achieve optimum results.

    Since its inception, MobilSentry™ was designed to categorize business and personal expenses on a corporate invoice. Holding a patent on this capability, we offer the ability to monitor employee compliance with policy, set personal usage and recapture a portion of this cost; ours is the only solution that can accomplish this in an automated fashion.

    Are you looking at CYOD as a means for employees to participate in a portion of the asset cost? MobilSentry™ has you covered in all areas of categorizing wireless expense.

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