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A Variety of Cost Reduction Mechanisms Bring Real Savings Results

With MobilSentry™ Data Manager, our clients can set pre-determined usage thresholds for each mobile device and send a text or email notification to end-users and management when thresholds are exceeded. Browser access to historical employee data can also be used by line management to view up-to-date usage within the current unbilled cycle.

MobilSentry™ Data Manager also provides a more rigid control capability when merited. Individual devices may be restricted from accessing websites and entertainment activities as well as providing the ability to enforce overall caps on total data use, monthly.

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3 Critical Takeaways from Ericsson’s 5G Report

The Ericsson Mobility Report from November 2018 reveals its projections for mobility through the year 2024:

* By 2024, 55% of North American mobile devices will be on 5G networks
* Video will represent 74% of all mobile data consumed by 2024 driving usage higher
* Average monthly mobile usage will quadruple to 19GB in 2024

Since we know most data consumed is personal, business-liable devices will dramatically increase unless your company has a strategy to enforce maximum WiFi usage. We start by setting your company’s policy thresholds then send alerts when data usage is reached.

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Mobile World Congress – Stop by the MobilSense Booth #1354

If you’re planning to attend Mobile World Congress in Los Angeles, September 12-14, be sure to stop by our booth and register for a free, no obligation mobile data usage assessment, a $499 value. Click here to read about the details.

While at the booth meet our team members and ask for a demonstration of MobilSentry™ Real-time Data Manager! This new-to-market enhanced data management solution is truly a disruptive innovation. MobilSense is the only mobility management solution provider today who can uniquely provide capabilities targeted at identifying and containing rapidly increasing costs fueled by today’s steady growth in mobile data usage.

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