Usage & Policy Control

In today’s world of increasingly powerful data usage capability, it is crucial to have clear and enforceable mobile usage policies for employees who have been assigned mobile devices. It doesn’t take much for employees, knowingly or unknowingly, to run up tens of GBs of use through social media, browsing, and video streaming. An important component for promoting employee accountability is to ensure that individuals recognize management is paying attention to their monthly usage. Effective management oversight involves four key elements:

  • Management Participation – company culture should encourage management to be involved in monthly invoice review. This can be accomplished through monthly emails summarizing department usage and charges or through browser login access.
  • Management Alerting – analytics should be available to make busy management proactively aware of employees who surpass policy limits such as monthly data usage quickly surfacing the most pressing employee usage issues.
  • Depth of Visibility – today’s usage patterns require more than just viewing monthly total data usage, it is important to have a quick way to view an employee’s day-to-day usage by time and quantity.
  • Monthly Analysis and Abuse Reporting – central administrators need access to trends related to top users in order to recognize patterns of potential abuse including the presence of expensive video streaming behaviors.


Making Employees Accountable

Involving employees directly in assuming responsibility for monitoring their monthly activity will ensure they act responsibly. With MobilSentry™, we provide the capability to deliver a monthly email recapping usage and charges to each employee; with managers also receiving an email summarizing all departmental usage and costs. We make it simple for employees and managers to drill down from summary to detailed views via our intuitive browser interface. Companies with a culture that shares responsibility for cost control with their employees can experience significant moderating effects on wireless costs over those who do not engage their employees in this process.



Enabling Real-Time Controls

It may no longer be sufficient to manage employee usage after the fact. Companies are discovering the value of learning in real time about excessive usage. With MobilSentry™ it is now possible to receive alerts and also to set limitations on employee site and the total quantity of usage triggered by exceeding pre-defined threshold mid-month. These unique new capabilities bring unprecedented control to an increasingly challenging management task of limiting non-business entertainment usage on company liable devices:

  • Set Pre-Defined Thresholds Triggered by Real-Time Actions
  • Send Text Alerts to Employees and Management when Thresholds are Exceeded
  • Restrict Access to Non-Business Entertainment Sites
  • Establish Data Caps by Usage Category or for Overall Data Monthly Usage

Beyond employee, accountability is an activity that most companies often do not consider, employee theft.  MobilSense has uncovered several instances of mobile fraud that resulted in a significant negative cost impact to our customers.  Click here to learn more about how you can protect your company’s mobile assets.