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As one of the original mobile expense management (MEM) vendors, MobilSense continues to lead with vision and advanced functionality. Founded in 2001, our focus from concept to inception, has been to deliver customer-focused functionality via a scalable architecture that meets the needs and economies of small and medium size businesses as well as the extensive demands of Fortune 500 enterprises.

Our success is proven by the longevity of our solid customer relationships. Anchored in a company culture where customer service is our highest priority, our solution was designed with a customizable approach in mind, allowing for the flexibility to scale in response to the unique needs of each customer. By having the ability to plug into any company’s IT infrastructure, MobilSentry™ is the right tool to manage your mobility expenses by integrating seamlessly with your company’s business practices.

Through the power of MobilSentry™ our team has analyzed over one million devices and helped hundreds of customers save millions of dollars by avoiding unneeded payments to their carriers. Our application-centric model facilitates simplicity and automation, thus offering our clients a broad choice of delivery models ranging from self-service to full outsourcing.

MobilSense Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Agoura Hills, CA.



Knowing that the pace of change in the mobility marketplace is rapid and persistent, we have chosen to remain focused on wireless solutions and to deploy them via an adaptable architecture. This consistent focus and agile deployment strategy has permitted us to maneuver rapidly to stay on top of market changes and to deliver uniquely adapted client capabilities and innovative functionality more rapidly than other vendors.


From the very beginning, MobilSense has adhered to core values which have sustained a positive, transparent, and customer-centric culture. In the end, our greatest satisfaction is seeing our customers manage their mobile devices in the most efficient manner and at the lowest cost.

  • Principled: Ethical and candid in all of our business dealings.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Providing leading-edge technology and services at the best price.
  • Dependable Results: Quite simply, we deliver what we promise.
  • Quality: We maintain the highest standards in both our software and services.