Automated Procurement

MobilSentry™ provides a single-view, multi-carrier ordering portal to provision and upgrade devices, request feature and plan changes as well as suspend and terminate device services across all supported carriers. Having an integrated solution that supports automated workflow provides the following benefits:

  • Decreases the potential for errors by reducing manual steps
  • Enables the ability to more consistently enforce company policy
  • Provides online visibility throughout the fulfillment cycle to administrators and management
  • Reduces central staff workload by permitting employees to order directly online and by outsourcing fulfillment to MobilSense
  • Increases accuracy of asset ownership information by collecting key employee and accounting attributes at the time of order


Our rules engine ensures that each order adheres to corporate policy while making it easy to match devices and features based on job roles and responsibilities. Customers can trust the stability and predictability that accompanies our robust procurement functionality:

  • Flexible Configuration Capability: Device and feature options are uniquely defined for each client based on policy including the ability to present different handset options for different job titles.
  • Discipline Through Provisioning Controls: Structured ordering interfaces facilitate predictable processes and controls to avoid misuse and abuse.
  • Multi-Level Authorization Workflow Support: Workflow options determine how many approval levels and job title of the final approver. Audit trails for orders and approvals are fully documented.
  • Optimized Ordering Efficiency: Based on company culture, ordering can be accomplished via a centralized group, departmental delegates or directly by end users to minimize process overhead.
  • API Allows For Integration With In-house eProvisioning Services: MobilSentry can be connected with client eProvisioning solutions to benefit from existing standardized interfaces.
  • Asset Lifecycle Process Enables Device Reuse: MobilSense assists in the reuse of unneeded devices to avoid costly early upgrade penalties to replace a lost or stolen device.
  • Secure End-of-Life Device Wiping and Recycling: Assets are secured through end-of-life. MobilSense facilitates device repair, reallocation, or device retirement with an appropriate electronic recycler.

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