Mobility Enterprise Solutions

MobilSentry™ is a cloud-based, managed mobility platform that automates the full breadth of requirements under Mobile Expense Management. As the longest standing independent mobility management vendor, we’ve navigated and evolved proactively through the dynamically changing world of the wireless carriers. MobilSentry™ is the most advanced enterprise mobility management solution in the marketplace today.

Invoice Management

Each monthly invoice is validated and device level charges are mapped to appropriate cost centers increasing efficiency and precision of monthly charge accounting processes. Learn More

Mobile Spend Optimization

Through sophisticated optimization algorithms, clients can be confident that they are only paying the minimum amount to the carrier, avoiding data overages and costs associated with unneeded services. Learn More

Automated Procurement

Provides a central online provisioning portal for all carriers, devices, and services. The workflow permits multi-level management approval while  enforcing standardization, controlling upgrade timeliness and streamlining procurement for all mobile services. Learn More

Reporting & Analytics

Provides easy access to powerful decision-making analytics through intuitive interfaces while enabling one-click drill-down capability to employee cost and usage details. Learn More

Usage & Policy Control

Through unique real-time data visibility, out-of-control data usage is identified before bill cycles close and preset policies can trigger real-time alerts to users and their management regarding usage policy violations. Learn More