Mobile Spend Optimization

Smart companies are restructuring their wireless invoice management processes to include mobile spend optimization tools like MobilSentry™. They understand the carrier pricing models make it challenging to effectively match unpredictable monthly usage against frequently changing carrier plans and features. They also appreciate that wireless carriers lack the motivation to proactively help them spend the minimum on wireless services.

Because in-house solutions for rate plan optimization are never automated and are used only sporadically because of inherent inefficiencies if you are not utilizing automation, it is not a question of if you are overpaying your carrier – it is a question of how much you are overpaying each month.


MobilSentry uses time-tested wireless expense optimization and the most current carrier offerings, systematically review all pool, rate plans and features of every device to ensure that you are receiving the lowest possible wireless invoice monthly:

  • Aggressive Monthly Rate and Feature Optimization: Optimal carrier cost savings only come through aggressive and persistent monthly rate and feature optimization analysis.
  • Real Time Data Pool Sizing: Inspecting data usage levels just prior to bill cycle close with appropriate last-minute adjustments to data pools can eliminate any data overage charges
  • Zero Use Device Suspension and Termination Support: Lost and misplaced devices can be significant contributors to unneeded overpayments without analytics to highlight zero use devices and evaluate the state of early termination fees.
  • Contract Pricing Validation via Monthly Bill Audits: Each month it is important to validate carrier pricing, fees and discounts against contract terms to ensure invoice errors are identified and credited.
  • Quantifying and Tracking Savings: Investing in automated expense management commonly is justified on savings. The ability to effectively measure monthly savings is a key component of an effective solution.

A monthly comprehensive plan and feature optimization are the best way to ensure that carrier invoices are kept at a minimum. This best practice should be a key part of any mobile invoice management solution.

Read our case study about a government entity who saved $85K in the first month, then went on to surpass $100K in savings soon after.


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