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International roaming issues? One migrating stork racks up $2700 in charges!

A Polish environmental group was using GPS tracking devices to tag and study the migration of storks. One stork’s journey to the Sudan ended up costing $2700 in international charges. This bird clearly didn’t understand roaming plans!

Wanna bet that this environmental company isn’t the only company to experience mysterious international charges? While you wouldn’t expect a stork to understand the subtleties of carrier international roam usage, many traveling employees find themselves in the same place from lack of understanding how carrier international usage works.

In the case of this stork, it was bad luck migrating without the right international feature. For companies who travel abroad, knowing the nuances of how this usage works can dramatically minimize cost. Click here to learn more.

Curious about what happened to the migrating stork? Click here.

Biggest Loser World Cup? Your Company’s Data Plan from Streaming the Games?

Streaming one soccer match on company devices at high definition will consume 2 – 3GB per match. What if your company had the tools to know when and how much data was consumed by employees streaming World Cup matches?

Real-time monitoring offers the ability to not only have access to actionable feedback, but the ability to create alerts and set controls automatically. To automate means presetting thresholds to block content categories. This is the true definition of real-time control.

Knowing time and data amounts of content sites viewed in real-time provides the confidence companies need to implement alerts and notifications that modify the behavior of every data user.

If your company isn’t proactively reacting to data trends, consider real-time monitoring to avoid spikes in your mobile budget.

Only MobilSense can deliver the promise of real-time monitoring and control today, and we are happy to help. Click here to learn more about real-time data monitoring.

Business Smartphone Usage Study – How does it Compare to Your Company?

MobilSense recently completed a business mobile device study spanning 12 months on 185 million data transactions. The results are consistent with our experience to-date: the majority of business devices are being used to stream audio/video and to access social media.

Could the results of our study be representative of your company’s usage patterns? If you would like to find out the type of activity happening on your business mobile devices, we can help. And just so you know, it is possible to provide usage detail without compromising an employee’s privacy.

Click here to learn how your company can set limits and alerts to avoid funding the extracurricular activities of your employees.