Wireless industry study – unprecedented mobile data usage growth

Perhaps you have read CTIA’s 2019 Annual Survey indicating a 73X increase in data since 2010?

In the same survey, you may have also read that the wireless industry increased its capital investment in 2018 to expand their networks’ capabilities, deploying more cell sites to support the next generation of 5G’s speed. What does this mean for companies? It means the overall cost of data usage is going to continue to climb!

Does your company have policies in place that support the data usage needs of your employees without overinvesting in non-business employee entertainment activities? If not, you need a “policy enforcer” like MobilSentry to ensure that the cost of data doesn’t cripple your company’s budget.

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CTIA reports 2018 U.S. wireless data usage up 82% over 2017

CTIA’s 2019 Annual Survey highlights an astonishing 82% increase in mobile data usage in 2018, which represents a 73X increase since 2010!  While this is excellent news for wireless carriers and content providers, it is a warning shot to company executives tasked with managing mobility expenses.  

Graphic courtesy of CTIA

In other research, it has been reported that as much as 70 percent of business mobile data usage stems from social media, audio, and video streaming, which means that entertainment use on business-liable devices is exploding, and that has a direct impact on the bottom line.  Does your company have a strategy to meet this challenge?

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Up to 70% of Mobile Data Usage is Non-business

Studies show as much as 70% of business data consumption is comprised of social media, audio, and video streaming. Studies also project data use to quadruple by the year 2021. Does your company have a plan to address this expense challenge? If not, your mobile budget may see increases as much as 20-30% a year.

Enterprises who assign corporate-owned devices need to become more assertive in identifying, understanding and controlling the data consumption of its employees.

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