Fulfillment and Cancellation Policy


This Fulfillment and Cancellation Policy is established by to govern the purchase of equipment upgrades offered to employees by your company. Through this program, employees have the opportunity to select and upgrade to preferred equipment beyond the standard offerings, with the understanding that the employee will reimburse their company for any additional cost of the selected equipment. To facilitate the processing of orders, tracking of charges, making adjustments to charged amounts, and providing reimbursements, your company has engaged MobilSense Technologies, Inc. This policy details the processes related to the fulfillment of orders and the cancellation terms for such purchases.

Fulfillment Policy

1.  Order Placement and the Role of MobilSense Technologies, Inc. – When an employee equipment upgrade is requested, their employer pays the full invoice amount to the equipment supplier. MobilSense Technologies, Inc, as the merchant of record, facilitates the processing of these orders, including capturing the calculated portion of the upgrade cost owed by the employee to their employer. This employee reimbursement amount is collected via a charge made to the employee’s credit card during the submission of the order for any additional upgrade costs in accordance with company policy.

2.  Charge Authorization and Adjustment – The employee’s credit card will not be charged until MobilSense Technologies, Inc confirms that the order has been placed. If the order has not been executed within 7 days of the employee’s request, the charge authorization will be cancelled, and a new request may be made by the employee. Should the final amount invoiced by the supplier be lower than initially quoted, MobilSense Technologies, Inc will ensure the employee’s credit card is refunded the appropriate difference. 

Cancellation Policy

1.  One-Time Purchase Acknowledgement – The equipment upgrade facilitated by MobilSense Technologies, Inc on behalf of an employee’s company, is a one-time purchase. After the order is confirmed and the charge processed, the transaction is deemed complete.

2.  Resolution of Disputes – Should there be any disputes regarding the charged amounts, employees can seek resolution via a refund of the disputed amount or direct reimbursement by their company, which is facilitated by MobilSense Technologies, Inc. Disputes should be presented to employers within 30 days of the transaction completion date.

3.  Ownership and Departure Policy – Employees are entitled to retain the upgraded equipment upon ending their company’s employment, underscoring the transaction’s finality. 

Additional Information

Employees are encouraged to consult the comprehensive description of the equipment upgrade program available through their employer, which includes detailed information on participation terms and conditions. MobilSense Technologies, Inc implements the program’s specifics through its tools, providing necessary reporting to ensure accurate accounting of all reimbursements.

Contact Information

For inquiries or concerns regarding this policy or the equipment upgrade program, employees should contact the Human Resources department at their company, or MobilSense Technologies, Inc directly for issues related to order processing, charge adjustments, and reimbursements.