Success Story – Managing 30,000 Devices with Less than One Internal FTE

Is it possible to manage 30,000 wireless devices using less than one internal Full Time Equivalent (FTE)?  This question may seem hypothetical, but the study describes how one company has actually succeeded not only managing their devices with less than 1.0 FTE, but they have managed to save over $1M in their most recent year of carrier billing.  Read this paper and learn the strategy and tasks they pursued to realize both of these impressive project management outcomes.  You may be able to put into practice the tactics that made them successful.  You will see as you read that they had management support for both increasing savings and reducing manpower and they were able to leverage a wireless management solution, MobilSentry™ to off load people tasks.

Best Practice

BYOD White Papers


New smart phones are being introduced at an unprecedented rate.  This continues the keep pressure on organizations to develop a well-considered strategy for handling a variety of devices.  Because of the high interest in this topic and because much has been published by pundits, research organizations and in the general media, many organizations are setting strategies by headlines, or returning liability of wireless devices to individuals for an organization provided stipend.  This simple solution may be a good decision for some organizations, but certainly not for many.

MobilSense has published two White Papers that will provide good input for organization seeking to develop a considered strategy.  We believe the best strategy is one that meets all of the needs of your organization.  A White Paper was created by MobilSense and is entitled, “Navigating the BYOD Fork in the Road.”  It will provide a practical overview of BYOD and can contribute to an effort to develop a meaningful strategy.  Click on the white paper title links to download the papers.