Truly a No-Brainer

The meaning of no-brainer: ‘something that requires no thought before deciding.’ You could be wondering why I would begin my blog with a definition of ‘no-brainer.’ I’m glad you asked. It’s the one term that comes to mind when describing our mobile expense management solution, MobilSentry™. You see, the amount of effort it takes in comparison to the savings results it yields literally requires very little to no thought before deciding to purchase, aka ‘no-brainer.’

MobilSentry™ is a mobile cost management solution that pays for itself in three months making it virtually budget neutral. When you factor in one of its key features, that is knowing exactly how much your company will save in advance of your purchase, the cost risk is literally removed. I mean, all it takes to find out if you’re overpaying your mobile carrier is to simply upload your invoices, or we can do it for you, and voilà! Without purchasing anything up front, you know within hours if your company is overpaying your carriers. I would like to let you in on a little secret; most companies are overpaying which solidifies the case for my ‘no-brainer’ moniker.

What if ease of use and cost savings isn’t necessarily your top priority when processing all those mobile invoices. It’s highly unlikely there’s a company out there who doesn’t want to save money, but let’s say removing non-business usage and waste is your top priority. What if you knew that by using MobilSentry™ you could reduce your monthly carrier invoices while also identifying individuals that are overusing data? Not only identify abuse, but remove it with policy monitoring?

What if you could find:

  • A mobile cost management solution that would pay for itself in three months
  • You would know exactly how much savings in advance of purchasing
  • It would provide significant usage oversight and policy monitoring
  • What if your return on investment continues to multiply after three months?

What would you have to determine for this to be your experience?

  • Understand our information privacy policy or sign a non-disclosure
  • Provide three months of your carrier billing data (temporarily share your login or provide three months of carrier invoice PDF files)

How quickly would I know:

  • We can load your data the same day we receive it
  • We can provide an estimate within two days of loading your data

See what I mean?  Truly a no-brainer!  What do you have to lose?