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How Companies use Text Alerts to Control Employee Data Usage

Being able to inspect and report data usage in real-time can significantly reduce how much data your employees are using.  When one CIO became concerned about the rising cost of her company’s data use, she found real-time alerts not only significantly reduced their mobile data usage, but a byproduct she wasn’t expecting was productivity overall increased.

As this company learned, all it took to significantly reduce mobile expense cost was to identify policy thresholds and send alerts when data usage reached these thresholds. No company today should be paying for the out-of-control data usage habits of its employees especially when education and alerts have been shown to be so effective.

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Wireless industry study – unprecedented mobile data usage growth

Perhaps you have read CTIA’s 2019 Annual Survey indicating a 73X increase in data since 2010?

In the same survey, you may have also read that the wireless industry increased its capital investment in 2018 to expand their networks’ capabilities, deploying more cell sites to support the next generation of 5G’s speed. What does this mean for companies? It means the overall cost of data usage is going to continue to climb!

Does your company have policies in place that support the data usage needs of your employees without overinvesting in non-business employee entertainment activities? If not, you need a “policy enforcer” like MobilSentry to ensure that the cost of data doesn’t cripple your company’s budget.

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