Energy Industry – Proven Results

Over the past 15 years, we have developed long standing relationships with companies in the energy industry ranging from energy suppliers to regulated utilities to energy service and infrastructure providers. While company and industry needs can vary, through 15 years of dedication in supporting this industry, we have learned that the requirements that emanate from energy industry regulations can be particularly burdensome. Most prevalent among these are related to expense management, control processes and auditing oversight. This is where MobilSense shines! We bring control and discipline to one of the largest and most dynamic IT expense categories – mobility. Our keen understanding of the needs and challenges of managing mobile devices in the energy’s regulated environment offers an unprecedented quality of mobile expense management and control. It stems from a proven suite of Best-In-Class methods coupled with leading-edge technology surrounded by an unparalleled drive for precision and excellence in our service delivery.

Best-in-Class Methods

Over the years, MobilSense has worked to provide Best-in-Class mobility expense management to the energy industry. In addition to the success of generating dramatic mobility expense savings for energy companies, we have developed proprietary ways to cost-effectively manage large populations of machine-to-machine (Telemetry) devices. We have engineered structured database repositories that collect and easily make available the metrics that internal and external auditors frequently seek regarding mobility expenses. The oversight of two governmental agencies, regulatory commissions and the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) creates an enormous need for exactness and precision in the management, auditing and reporting of the financial health of mobile and infrastructure costs.

Measure Your Cost Effectiveness in Two Easy Steps

Due to complicated rate structures, the lack of uniformity in carrier contracts and the challenge of tracking who is in possession of current billing mobile assets, it is easy to overspend on your mobile programs without even knowing it. Understanding Best-in-Class methodologies and practices delivers proven results in controlling mobility costs. Our experience has resulted in a profound understanding of the standards needed to provide Best-in-Class support in mobility management. We have found that most companies fall short of achieving Best-in-Class performance and overpay consistently for their mobile programs. As a result, we have developed a simple, painless and quick method for companies to identify the existence of potential expense control deficiencies. The first step is designed to surface any early warning signals of control inadequacies before taking time to assess the deeper challenges. MobilAlertDIY™ is a self-administered tool that instantly measures the difference between your actual cost per device and an ideal cost per device based on the number and mix of your device types. The ideal cost per device is calculated using industry-best pricing and management practices. This self-service browser tool only requires a few key metrics related to your wireless spending. Click on the button below to see how information gathered from your latest wireless invoice can determine whether a more thorough assessment might be prudent.

Click for an Instant Assessment

If your instant assessment indicates the presence of deficiencies or weaknesses, we can either provide feedback on your potential cost savings or you may proceed with the second step; a free, full assessment which is accomplished by simply uploading your most recent invoice into our revolutionary MobilSentryDIY™ which is a self-service mobile expense management solution that will pinpoint the source and size of cost savings.

Unprecedented Results

A balanced approach to financial practices in all Best-in-Class areas will result in the lowest achievable monthly wireless invoices with a minimum of auditor concerns. With many success stories, one large Utility with 30K mobile devices whom we have supported now for over ten years, stands out with a consistent average cost per device very close to their ideal cost per device target. How effectively are you controlling your cost per device? It just takes seconds to find out.

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