Licensing Options

As one of the first mobile expense management software solutions, MobilSense has broad experience working with a variety of channel partner models. Whether our partner holds the contract with the end client or refers client opportunities to MobilSense, our licensing terms support a wide range of possibilities.

In-house Process Automation

MobilSense has a reputation as one of the premier automated optimization solutions in the marketplace. Through sophisticated optimization algorithms, we have a history of boosting productivity for mobile expense management solution providers. In this model, our optimization technology is used to replace more manual internal processes that generate recommended client savings either in a recurring revenue or contingency-based approach.   MobilSense provides capabilities that automate functions such as rate and pool optimization, bill validation, automating business processes, as well as supporting business decision making through enhanced analytics and reporting.


In addition to optimization automation, in this model, end clients will have access to MobilSentry reporting and analytics as well as customizable provisioning capabilities. As resellers, our partners sell the full solution and can act as the first point of response (level 1 support) or in combination with MobilSense support and order fulfillment resources. Reselling partners hold the contract with end clients and typically demonstrate proficiency in utilizing the capabilities within MobilSentry.  They assist their end clients in finding value from the reporting and analytics capabilities available to them by accessing MobilSentry directly thereby increasing loyalty and “stickiness’ as a provider to ensure sustained recurring revenue opportunities.


This model presents an opportunity for sharing in the sales process with a partner’s prospects. In these instances, the final deal would be contracted directly with MobilSense who will provide both level 1 and level 2 support.  This model is designed for companies or individuals with effective sales networks but who may lack internal resources to provide ongoing support.