Digital Lifestyle Revolution and the Impact on Cellular Usage

While the digital lifestyle has made an immense contribution to every area of both our personal and professional lives, it has an insatiable appetite for mobile data. Tools to curb the cost of growing data use are now more critical than ever before.

Today’s Expense Management is Focused on Symptoms not Causes
Smart companies have been quick to employ mitigation techniques to minimize data overage charges while other companies have been caught off-guard. Expense management tools offer ways to treat the symptoms by shifting high users to unlimited plans and resizing data pools; however, they are not effective at addressing the root cause, video streaming.

Focusing on the Root Cause
With accelerating trends of data usage, it is no longer enough to only perform cost-avoidance optimization. Establishing policy boundaries to trigger automated text alerts when data usage exceeds company-established thresholds are part of the new Data Management solution capabilities proactive companies are deploying. Data management solutions provide insight into individual device usage by site, time, and quantity used. These tools are revealing up to 70% of business mobile usage is consumed on personal video streaming.

MobilSentry™ Data Manager is the most advanced enterprise mobility management solution for understanding and controlling mobile data usage. It helps companies gain complete visibility of data usage incurred on employee-liable handsets and enforces company usage policies through intelligent, real-time alerts and data controls.

Click here to download Mobilsense’s white paper, The Digital Lifestyle Revolution, A Collision Course with Company Cost-controlled Initiatives.

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