Data management is what’s missing from MDM solutions

When it comes to the interpretation of mobile data usage policies, employees and employers are rarely on the same page. MDM solutions are effective at preventing unwanted apps on a mobile device, but unfortunately standard browsers can easily be used to subvert those protections by going straight to websites.

The real solution today not only demands the ability to establish boundaries around appropriate website access on mobile devices, but equally important is the ability to view ongoing employee data usage for the purpose of notifying or even restricting behavior in real-time, on unbilled data.

While the strength of MDMs are in device, inventory and content management, they do not fully address today’s employee data usage challenges in depth or breadth of functionality. MobilSentry™ Data Manager is designed to complement and extend MDM functionality by providing visibility to data usage on any device, at any time during the bill cycle. Management can then take appropriate actions to curtail the rapid growth in data costs.

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International roaming issues? One migrating stork racks up $2700 in charges!

A Polish environmental group was using GPS tracking devices to tag and study the migration of storks. One stork’s journey to the Sudan ended up costing $2700 in international charges. This bird clearly didn’t understand roaming plans!

Wanna bet that this environmental company isn’t the only company to experience mysterious international charges? While you wouldn’t expect a stork to understand the subtleties of carrier international roam usage, many traveling employees find themselves in the same place from lack of understanding how carrier international usage works.

In the case of this stork, it was bad luck migrating without the right international feature. For companies who travel abroad, knowing the nuances of how this usage works can dramatically minimize cost. Click here to learn more.

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