Agent/Partner Solutions

Since MobilSentry was launched in 2001, our focus has been to provide a maximum level of automation surrounding the tasks of mobile expense management. A focus on automation also allows us to deliver a scalable solution that meets the needs of small, mid-size and enterprise clients.

Our latest advancement brings the benefits of self-service capabilities to those that utilize slow, manual methods for breaking down a wireless invoice as a part of sales prospecting and quoting.

MobilSentry BillScan – Streamlines Prospecting and Quoting

BillScan is a browser-based, self-service, PDF invoice upload utility that itemizes key invoice attributes and quantifies and proposes plan and feature savings changes. The process begins by simply dragging and dropping a carrier-generated PDF invoice into the browser tool and in a matter of minutes the analysis is completed and notification is sent to review and export results. BillScan offers various report views on the invoice details along with proposed plan and feature recommendations. BillScan supports the output for custom carrier plans and can generate cross-carrier plan recommendations. Once an analysis is complete, you simply purge those results and the utility is reset and ready for a new carrier invoice.

MobilSentry for SMB Companies (< 250 Employees)

By combining our lead-edge wireless expense management technology with our extensive billing expertise we are positioned to offload management oversight burdens encountered by internal staff at smaller companies. We bring functionality designed to meet Fortune 500 client needs, priced and configured for small company budgets. We perform monthly health checks and invoice validation while removing the burden from from SMB companies of providing user help desk support.

MobilSentry for Mid-Market Companies (< $100M in Revenue)

Our solution for the mid-market includes an expanded set of capabilities including real-time usage alerting, inventory management and cost allocation capabilities. Our ordering portal provides a single site catalog for multiple carrier ordering capabilities including management workflow approval.