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MobilSense Recommends 3 Distinct Activities to Uncover Significant Savings

Wireless billing practices are prone to gaps resulting in invoices that are greater than they should be. When dealing with the challenges of today’s uncontrolled and undisciplined wireless environments, the first step should be to identify the most obvious overspending problems.  A focus on minimizing carrier invoices is a good first step because it: 1) requires minimal organizational coordination and training to achieve, 2) generates immediate savings (in less than three months) and 3) represents a significant percentage of the overall hard savings opportunities available through a comprehensive wireless management practice.

In our methodology we recommend three distinct activities to uncover significant savings:

  • Optimization of plans and features
  • Elimination of uneeded devices and features
  • Removal of billing and crediting errors

While some organizations are doing a reasonably good job at managing wireless costs, even among the most diligent, there are real opportunities to find additional savings.  It is rare for a company to have full control over its wireless environment and be capitalizing on every potential savings opportunity.

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Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and what better time to cut mobility expenses by targeting out-of-control data usage growth?

Following are resolution suggestions that were successfully implemented in 2019 by other companies and are sure to bring your team accolades from management, too:

  • Identify which apps are generating the most data usage
  • Alert top users-midcycle where usage is excessive
  • Enforce company wide usage policy to limit data usage cost

MobilSense is offering a no-cost mobile data use assessment, an ideal way to help identify cost-reduction objectives.

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End Mobile Cost Processing Stress Forever

Is your company struggling with the accurate cost allocation of mobile costs? 

If you are, you’re not alone! One of our clients used to spend three days mapping accounting cost center codes to a spreadsheet containing each mobile device’s carrier charges. Once this painful process was completed, an input file was finalized and rechecked to submit for the monthly accounts payable processing. For years, this was how the task had been accomplished and as the use of mobile devices expanded, the time investment grew.

Once Mobilsense was engaged, the monthly AP allocation process in the first month of operation was reduced from three days to 30 minutes! The dramatic improvement in the accuracy of reporting each billing device’s owner and organization has not only streamlined the monthly financial process but has facilitated more reliable management reporting capabilities on monthly usage and cost by department. Armed with a Zero Use report from MobilSentryTM, this company accumulated over $100,000 in savings from the timely termination of unused devices. Proactive plan and feature optimization, while maintaining precise pool-level inventories, along with the advantages of automation have resulted in over $1M of savings for this client in just 21 months.

As you can see, automated cost allocation can dramatically increase accuracy, velocity and reduce preparation time to zero. 

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