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Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and what better time to cut mobility expenses by targeting out-of-control data usage growth?

Following are resolution suggestions that were successfully implemented in 2019 by other companies and are sure to bring your team accolades from management, too:

  • Identify which apps are generating the most data usage
  • Alert top users-midcycle where usage is excessive
  • Enforce company wide usage policy to limit data usage cost

MobilSense is offering a no-cost mobile data use assessment, an ideal way to help identify cost-reduction objectives.

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Business Smartphone Usage Study – How does it Compare to Your Company?

MobilSense recently completed a business mobile device study spanning 12 months on 185 million data transactions. The results are consistent with our experience to-date: the majority of business devices are being used to stream audio/video and to access social media.

Could the results of our study be representative of your company’s usage patterns? If you would like to find out the type of activity happening on your business mobile devices, we can help. And just so you know, it is possible to provide usage detail without compromising an employee’s privacy.

Click here to learn how your company can set limits and alerts to avoid funding the extracurricular activities of your employees.