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Mobile Corporate Theft, It’s Bigger than you Think

The emergence of mobile devices in today’s business culture has not only met the demands for more efficiency and productivity in the work place but has brought with it new areas of misuse of corporate funds.  Because mobile technology and smartphones have become increasingly central in business environments, this new category of mobile assets and data corporate theft has the potential to cause a tremendous negative financial impact.

Because mobile devices are the source of not only communication, but lends itself to overall productivity the wider accessibility to distracting applications can result in theft of not only company time, but wages and mobile data. MobilSense has witnessed a diverse number of company theft situations and have identified three categories to watch out for: intentional, semi-intentional and unintentional.  While we have found most users of company provided mobile devices to be responsible corporate citizens, the challenge is to find those who fall under these three categories and guide the behavior before it gets out of hand.

Forward thinking companies have not only clarified their expectations of acceptable business and non-business usage by adopting clear and concise mobile policies, but they have also implemented methods that inspect compliance to the policies they have established.  In the end, when mobile assets or mobile data are misused or stolen, both time and productivity suffer which ultimately equates to corporate dollars lost.

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6 Unique Mobility Challenges for Utility Companies

With large geographical service delivery challenges, an era of rapid change in grid and metering technology and the dynamic strain of coping with rapid mobility solution growth it is increasingly difficult to satisfy the constant mandate to deliver the lowest rates to users. Detailed below are some key utility-specific mobility challenges which merit increased attention and appropriate solutions.

1. Regulatory scrutiny demands heightened financial discipline emphasizing accuracy and efficiency – Oversight by Public Utility Commissions for utility rate reviews requires constant examination of existing expense processes. Because it is growing rapidly and is inherently difficult to control, mobility cost management can be one of the most challenging.

2. Large field forces bring an increased need for effective mobility oversight solutions – Field forces require efficient technology on their mobility devices to be effective in their roles away from offices. With expanding mobility usage comes rapid growth in data usage.  

3. Infrastructure and expense controls are necessary to accompany the rollout of Smart Meters & AMI – Next generation Smart Meters and AMI technology in large deployments requires optimal use of carrier machine-to-machine/telemetry plans to support these new networks. Managing telemetry invoicing requires the use of custom plans and real time proactive actions – an area where deep expertise is essential.

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Are You Unwittingly Subsidizing Your Employee’s Weekend Diversions?

A revealing new study shows 44.99% of all data transactions occur on nights and weekends. How does this translate for companies who provide corporate provided devices? It means 55% of employee data usage occurs during employee work hours. That’s a lot of off-hours data expense.

We reviewed over 200 million data transactions from business liable employee smartphones, tablets, and data cards spanning 15 months of data collection and over 2,500 terabytes of data usage to determine how wireless data is consumed. Why does it matter? There is no such thing as free night and weekend data which means companies are spending a lot more than they should.

Imagine what you could save on your wireless invoice if you only purchased half of the data you are currently buying. Are you doing better or worse than the average?

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