Are You Unwittingly Subsidizing Your Employee’s Weekend Diversions?

A revealing new study shows 44.99% of all data transactions occur on nights and weekends. How does this translate for companies who provide corporate provided devices? It means 55% of employee data usage occurs during employee work hours. That’s a lot of off-hours data expense.

We reviewed over 200 million data transactions from business liable employee smartphones, tablets, and data cards spanning 15 months of data collection and over 2,500 terabytes of data usage to determine how wireless data is consumed. Why does it matter? There is no such thing as free night and weekend data which means companies are spending a lot more than they should.

Imagine what you could save on your wireless invoice if you only purchased half of the data you are currently buying. Are you doing better or worse than the average?

If you’re interested to know if your company is subsidizing your employee’s weekend entertainment, click here to learn more.


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