Mobility Growth Adds to Utility Industry Challenges

Six Unique Mobility Challenges

With large geographical service delivery challenges, an era of rapid change in grid and metering technology and the dynamic strain of coping with rapid mobility solution growth it is increasingly difficult to satisfy the constant mandate to deliver the lowest cost rates to users. Detailed below are some key utility-specific mobility challenges which merit increased attention and appropriate solutions.

1. Regulatory scrutiny demands heightened financial discipline emphasizing accuracy and efficiency

Oversight by Public Utility Commissions for utility rate reviews requires constant examination of existing expense processes. Because it is growing rapidly and is inherently difficult to control, mobility cost management can be one of the most challenging. MobilSense has an extensive track record of saving companies millions of dollars on wireless invoices.

2. Large field forces bring an increased need for effective mobility oversight solutions

Field forces require efficient technology on their mobility devices to be effective in their roles away from offices. With expanding mobility usage comes rapid growth in data usage. MobilSentry™ enables management to monitor monthly data consumption down to the employee level.

3. Infrastructure and expense controls are necessary to accompany the rollout of Smart Meters & AMI.

Next generation Smart Meters and AMI technology in large deployments requires optimal use of carrier machine-to-machine/telemetry plans to support these new networks. Managing telemetry invoicing requires the use of custom plans and real time proactive actions – an area where MobilSense has long demonstrated expertise.

4. Ease of access to mobile cost data in support of internal and external audits

Short deadlines are common for audit inquiries and IT systems are often ill-prepared for ad-hoc access to data. Mobile cost data extraction can be tedious when relying on carrier-provided information. MobilSentry™ provides real time access to granular wireless cost and usage data for immediate support of audits.

5. Agile and high-functioning Information Technology support is needed for volatile mobility environments.

Constant carrier rate plan changes demand a flexible and responsive technology solution to support cost and asset management. Information Technology management values consistency and stability in their chosen vendor solutions because of constant dynamic forces present in the Utility Industry. The rapid deployment architecture and strong industry track record of MobilSentry™ brings results and consistency to mobility management.

6. Success in the Energy Industry demands a culture of continuous improvement and best practice

The expansion of data-consuming mobile apps along with carrier pricing schemes which now emphasize data rather than voice metering can lead to a steady cost escalation on wireless invoices. Managing mobility costs effectively is a multi-faceted challenge requiring best practice methodologies – that is where MobilSense comes in.

How well are you handling these challenges?

To support utility companies in finding any gaps in their mobile cost management processes, we have developed an instant assessment tool, MobilAlertDIY™ that can help you find out your status with the challenges above. We have used our extensive experience with Utility companies over the past 13 years to model the ideal cost and with just a few key statistics from your monthly carrier invoices to present a comparison. The difference from the ideal will give you a preliminary assessment of how well you are currently doing. We do not charge for this instant assessment.

Take the mobile cost saving challenge today. It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s self-service, and it is free. Follow this link to MobilAlertDIY™ and enter your cost information to receive your cost comparison and savings potential today.

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