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Why We Are Different. Better

The biggest challenge in mobility management today is understanding and controlling escalating data usage. Unlike other expense management solutions, our platform includes a deep, rich data analysis and reporting capability that helps companies understand how its employees are using data all the way down to the actual sites visited.

When the single largest contributor to carrier cost increases in the past two years is directly related to increased data usage, understanding how your employees use data is the key to driving down cost. It’s why we are better. Not only do we provide greater detail on each employee’s data usage, but we also provide the controls companies need to reduce costs associated with unnecessary data usage.

If you’re still not convinced wireless expense management is a cost saving strategy for your company, let us conduct a free Mobile Data Usage Analysis.  Click here to get started.

Real-time is HERE! No More Data Overages, EVER

When it comes to addressing out-of-control data users, it isn’t so much what you know in real-time, but what you can DO in real-time. The practice of individual alerts mid-bill cycle and relying on employees self-policing their usage may give management comfort, but it’s mostly wishful thinking.

Real-time monitoring is not only having access to actionable feedback, but the ability to create alerts and controls automatically. For automation to happen, you must have the data intelligence to preset thresholds to block content categories which should only be done once. This is the true definition of real-time control.

When you have access to data session pattern information and to content sites viewed in real-time, you can, with confidence, implement alerts and notifications based on knowing the viewing behavior of each individual. You can one-by-one, or as a group ‘set it and forget it’:

  • Prevent access to entertainment, video streaming or sites deemed unacceptable
  • Create individual profiles for single, or groups of devices blocking target categories
  • Send notifications when thresholds are about to be reached
  • Trigger points preventing users from accessing restricted sites or content categores

Only MobilSense can deliver on the promise of real-time monitoring and control today, and we are happy to help. Click here to learn more about real-time monitoring.

Are Your Corporate Mobile Devices Being Used for Entertainment?

The question today is no longer whether employees are using their mobile devices for entertainment but how much it is costing your company? The fuel for the 300% industry-wide increase in mobile data usage in the last two years is entertainment related activities, most prominently video streaming. Studies show data usage is projected to quadruple by the year 2021. If companies doesn’t get a handle on this new expense challenge, mobile budgets are on target to experience a growth rate of 20-30% a year.

What If You Could Actually Know Which Sites are Visited?

If you think your employees are just using their business smartphones to communicate with corporate applications, think again. Since carriers don’t provide the actual sites your employees are visiting on their mobile devices, you may be under the impression it is primarily business usage. While the carriers don’t provide actual site information, MobilSense can. In fact, we think if you could see this kind of information it would dramatically alter your views on usage policy enforcement.

Now is the time for enterprises who assign corporate-owned devices to become more aggressive in identifying and understanding the data consumption of its employees.

Click here to learn how our unique approach to identifying unproductive data use can not only monitor but identify data waste and provide the proactive controls needed to enforce company policy.