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Real-time Data Pool Optimization

One of the biggest costs associated with unmanaged data pooling is overages but just as damaging is unused data.  Most companies don’t realize data pools can be adjusted throughout the bill cycle. To truly avoid overages and minimize the financial impact of paying for unused data, companies need access to carrier data in real-time. Simply put, companies who don’t have access to mobile data pools in real-time are overpaying. MobilSentry™ Real-Time is what companies need; a solution that provides real-time, month-to-date usage to fine tune mobile data pool levels.

No longer do companies have to rely on incomplete and inaccurate carrier reporting tools. With up-to-the-minute data quantities in real-time, pools can be matched exactly to month-end usage levels and completely avoid the cost consequences of guessing.

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Unlimited Data Plans – Good or Bad Business?

Unlimited data plans sound attractive but are they the right approach for your employees?

Because data usage is growing rapidly, companies are looking for ways to slow the expense growth. On the surface, putting high data users on unlimited plans seems intuitive but these plans come at a high cost and with undesirable throttling consequences, which can frustrate users that truly need high data capacity.

There is a better, more cost-effective way to control data growth and contain the accelerating cost of wireless invoices.

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Cyberloafing – What is it and How it is Impacting Your Company

Cyberloafing is a term used to describe the actions of employees who use their Internet access at work for personal use while pretending to do legitimate work. No company is immune.

Unlike our competitors, our mobile expense management platform includes a deep, rich data analysis that helps companies understand how its employees are using data. When the single largest contributor to carrier cost increases in the past two years is directly related to increased data usage, and since cyberloafing is the main contributor to excessive data usage and cost to a company, understanding how your employees use data is the key to driving down cost.

If you don’t think you have a cyberloafing problem, think again. It is estimated that 60% – 80% of employee internet usage is non-business related. Let us help you quantify the magnitude of your cyberloafing problem with a free Mobile Data Usage Analysis. Click here to get started.