Cyberloafing – What is it and How it is Impacting Your Company

Cyberloafing is a term used to describe the actions of employees who use their Internet access at work for personal use while pretending to do legitimate work. No company is immune.

Unlike our competitors, our mobile expense management platform includes a deep, rich data analysis that helps companies understand how its employees are using data. When the single largest contributor to carrier cost increases in the past two years is directly related to increased data usage, and since cyberloafing is the main contributor to excessive data usage and cost to a company, understanding how your employees use data is the key to driving down cost.

If you don’t think you have a cyberloafing problem, think again. It is estimated that 60% – 80% of employee internet usage is non-business related. Let us help you quantify the magnitude of your cyberloafing problem with a free Mobile Data Usage Analysis. Click here to get started.

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