Enterprise Mobility Management

In the highly dynamic world of mobility management, the breadth and scope of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is constantly in flux. Our perspective of this discipline starts from the Mobile Expense Management (MEM) foundation. To this expense management solution space which has a well-established market presence, we encounter a growing set of new market segments/solutions that conveniently all begin and end with the letter M: Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM). At the rapid pace of this market we may soon run out of usable vowels and consonants to reside between the M’s.

Mobile Expense Management (MEM)

The Mobile Expense Management market is also known as Wireless Expense Management (WEM). MobilSense has been at the center of this market since its earliest days of automated solutions. The breadth and depth of our MEM solution is covered in more detail in another area of our website. Read More In brief, some of the benefits of our flagship solution MobilSentry™ include:

  • Cost Savings – delivered monthly through optimized carrier invoices and a reduction in internal resources.
  • Increased Accuracy – merging invoice data with the most up-to-date asset, company hierarchy and accounting information produces greater precision for inventory reporting and cost allocation processes.
  • Predictability – accurate and timely cost allocation processes can be completed with no manual processing time lags.
  • Ordering Efficiency – a controlled environment for end-user self-service ordering streamlines provisioning while also permitting the validation of carrier invoice equipment charges.
  • Error Reduction – linking monthly business algorithms with current contractual information enables automated audits with each carrier invoice to eliminate costly overpayment mistakes.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Next to MEM, the MDM solution space is the most mature and has the most established set of market leaders, notably AirWatch, MobileIron, Xenmobile, and MaaS360. MobilSense can provide data synchronization with any of these market-leading solutions.  Read More  MDM solutions generally provide the following important security capabilities:

  • Device Discovery, Asset Management and New Device Enrollment
  • Login Credential, Password Management and Certificate-Based Security
  • Device Application Standards, Deployment Policies and Enterprise App Stores
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Device Lock and Wipe
  • Monitoring and Reporting Analytics

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

While there is some overlap with MDM, MAM focuses on the Application residing on the device while MDM cares primarily about the device itself. Most MDM vendors also tout MAM as part of their core products. MAM is a new and developing solution space and its primary emphasis is to ensure control around the corporate applications and data while preserving flexibility with personal applications and data through a process called Containerization or Application Wrapping. Because this is a new marketplace it is not yet apparent where synchronization between MEM and MAM may be needed. The notable deliverables for MAM vendors include:

  • Secure Web Browser and Email Clients
  • Software Development Kits (SDK)
  • Payment Enablement Wrappers
  • Partners & Third-Party Vendor Solutions supporting their APIs

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

The MCM market has overlap with both the MDM and MAM solution segments. Their focus is to secure the devices access to back-end enterprise data and containerize business versus personal data. In particular this concerns enterprise authentication, encryption of content at rest and in transit via app-specific VPNs. The toolboxes are oriented to managing Data Leak Prevention Policies associated with editing downloading, printing, saving, cutting & pasting, locking and wiping as well as secure email and browser policies. It is yet to be determined if there emerges an opportunity for synchronization with MEM.

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