The Arrival of Enhanced Data Management

Enhanced data management provides a unique set of capabilities to contain rapidly increasing company costs being fueled by the accelerating growth in corporate-liable mobile data usage. MobilSentry™ Data Manager (MoDM) is the most advanced enterprise mobility management solution focused specifically on mobile data visibility and control. No longer is it necessary for companies to guess why some devices accumulate unusually high monthly usage. By enforcing company mobile use policies through intelligent, real-time alerts and limits, MoDM controls access to costly entertainment usage including streaming video and social media.

Enhanced Data Management – The Only Viable Method to Contain Data Costs

It is time for enterprises who deploy corporate-owned devices to become more aggressive in identifying and understanding the data consumption habits of their employees. To assume users are informed about activities which produce high data use and expect they will use restraint is being overly optimistic. Guidance through intelligent notifications is a safety net to not only keep employees aware of their own usage behaviors but it enhances the chances of effective self-management.

  • Validates how and when employees are using data
  • Delivers visibility down to websites visited and apps used
  • Identifies top unbilled data users in real-time
  • Modifies employee behavior with mid-cycle alerts
  • Enforces quotas on employee non-WiFi cellular usage
  • Enables real-time data in-cycle pool optimization
  • Accurately correlates usage with bill cycle costs

Mobile Data Management (MoDM) Builds Upon the Strength of MDM Solutions

MDM solutions have been widely adopted to efficiently manage the deployment and control of applications across a variety of mobile devices. While the strength of MDMs are in device, inventory and content management, they do not completely address today’s need for real-time data management control. MobilSentry™ Data Manager is designed to complement and extend MDM functionality through an emphasis on the four key elements of data management including Visibility to Data Usage, Real-Time User Notifications, Flexible Limits and Controls, and Harmonization of Real-Time Data with Invoice Costs.

MobilSentry™ Data Manager – The Perfect Complement for EMM Deployments

Controlled and business-appropriate usage of employee mobile devices is a growing concern. Through seamless integration with existing MDM solutions, MobilSentry™ Data Manager now provides for the first time, the insight, visibility and real-time management capabilities needed to illuminate and contain mobile data usage abuses that are increasingly present in today’s business environments.

  • Integrates with all major MDM providers
  • Deploys via MDM platforms
  • Compliments existing MDM capabilities
  • Expands device management to devices, not accessible to MDMs (modems, routers, air cards)

If you have deployed an EMM solution and haven’t reviewed the capabilities of MobilSentry™ Data Manager, contact MobilSense today.