Mobile Data Usage is Exploding – Start the New Year Right with our Free Mobile Data Usage Analysis

Did you spend more in 2017 on mobility expenses than 2016? Do you know how much of that increase is due to employee data usage? If not, it’s important you know. On average, business-liable GB usage per device grew from 1.7 GB in 2016 to 2.4 GB in 2017 and this is only the beginning. Industry experts project that average monthly data usage will exceed 3 GBs in 2018.

Data growth today directly translates into an increase in cost. For every incremental GB used in 2018 your company, depending upon your carrier discount, will pay between $4.00 and $4.50. If the analyst projections are correct, your company is on track to pay a data increase charge of $50 or more next year for each mobile device which leaves you with two options: make room in the budget to absorb a 5-8% growth on wireless spending, or proactively assess the problem and implement policies and controls to limit data growth in 2018.

Because our passion is rooted in saving companies’ money, MobilSense prides itself in helping clients avoid paying a penny over what they should on their wireless invoices. And because our analysis is automated, we can offer your company a free Mobile Data Usage Assessment to start the New Year right.

Avoid the impending data increases by gaining a deep understanding of your employee’s data habits and set a company goal to eliminate wasteful data usage. Click here to get started.

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