Why Weekend Wireless Data is a Problem for Companies

A recent corporate-liable device study shows 45% of all employee data usage occurs during off-peak hours.

Why Off-peak Usage is a Problem

Unlike the days of free night and weekend minutes, your company pays for every data MB used by your employees whether it’s during peak or off-peak periods. The problem is compounded by data pooling which helps mask individual data consumption making it difficult to identify the impacts of high data users as well as assess ratios of peak and off-peak usage. In the absence of targeted analytics and reporting, all of this critical information is submersed under data pools where administrators and company executives lose visibility.

Cost Controls Used by Expense-minded Companies

Companies who use the following usage cost controls typically see reductions of 25% or more on their wireless invoices over other companies who don’t:

1) A defined company mobile usage policy signed by each employee before issuance of a mobile device

2) Financial penalties for high data users brings immediate attention to usage issues. By applying proportionate charges based on the number of MBs used per device, visibility over individual usage is surfaced.

3) Thorough business analytics reveals trending, top user identification. Significant usage variances provide upper management a means for tracking cost savings initiatives.

4) Simple, intuitive reporting and alerts for line managers places actionable intelligence at the level of management most capable of influencing behavioral changes.

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