What Your Carrier Invoice Can’t Tell You About Your Data Usage

The vast majority of wireless users are billed monthly based on the amount of data used against data purchased. With data as the key metric, it is increasingly important to look below the surface to understand the manner and timing of data usage. Data, much more than voice, can accumulate to surprisingly high amounts raising cost needlessly.

The ability to manage and control the pace of data usage is fundamental to effective cost management and control. Only viewing data usage as an aggregate company total has proven to be an ineffective way to encourage responsible employee usage. It is important to use progressively powerful tools to increase oversight into the usage behaviors by looking beyond the superficial. Unfortunately, carrier invoices come up short as an effective way to dig deeper into employee usage patterns. Having the information needed to guide the usage behavior of your employees to align with corporate policy requires more robust reporting and analytics than your carrier invoice provides.

We have compiled the three levels of data usage patterns to help you gain a clear picture of the device data management challenge. Click here to learn more.

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