Matching Solutions to Your Mobility Management Needs

While every mobility management strategy will have cost containment as one of its core components, the points of emphasis in each strategy can be as diverse as the company cultures. For some, the mobile device is considered a company perk and comes with few restrictions. In rare circumstances, that perk might be extended to family members of employees. Organizations on the other end of the spectrum may have strict cost guidelines and even stricter security requirements.

The results of these strategies often have only critical employees receiving company-provided devices with stringent limitations for business-only usage. These cases typically result in the need for employees to carry two mobile devices, one for business and one for personal use. In extenuating circumstances, companies have chosen to shift the entire expense and management burden of mobility assets to its employees. For some, that privilege comes with a stipend or company reimbursement and for others the employee may receive no compensation.

Click here to read our white paper on why your company culture is a critical determinant in matching solutions to your mobility management needs.

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