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MobilSense Technologies has recently introduced another revolutionary way for midsize companies to know if they are unintentionally overspending on their mobile expenses.  We took all the best features of MobilSentryDIY™, which needs three months of mobile invoices and we scaled it down, requiring only three key pieces of information. Once the information has been entered, our free, browser-based, self-administered tool, MobilAlertDIY™ calculates how far off your organization may be from its ideal cost per device (optimal monthly per device cost) for average mobile spending.  When you know your ideal cost and where your average cost is in comparison, you are halfway there.

With our vast experience in the mobile expense management space, we find most companies are overspending and why we elected to develop a tool to help companies evaluate for themselves if there are cost issues or potential expense management inefficiencies. According to Forrester Research, 22% of IT budgets are spent on telecommunications.  Mobile device costs are a growing portion of the telecommunications budget and are decidedly the most difficult line item to address and why it’s now more important than ever to uncover potential overspending.

Typically, companies will only focus on the possibility of mobile expense inefficiencies when there is an unexpected jump in their invoice.  Once the analysis is complete and the root problem is identified and calibrated, they go back to business as usual not realizing overspending begins again on their next month’s invoice. Within minutes, MobilAlertDIY™ will tell if you are overspending on your mobile costs and since most companies are, why wouldn’t you want to know how much your company is overpaying. The answer is of course you want to know how much you’re overpaying so you can fix it and use the money you save toward growing your business, or investing in employee based programs that enrich your company culture.

MobilAlertDIY™ is the tool midsize companies need to keep their mobile expense in check.  It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s self-service, and it is free.  I highly recommend that you give it a try!

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