Flattening the Curve of the Work-at-home Data Surge

Before the stay-at-home order, non-business usage was already exponentially fueling the rapid growth in mobile data traffic. Now with the pandemic triggering a stampede to work-at-home, unrestricted data usage is leading to an even greater surge in mobile data traffic.

Are there ways to control the surge in data usage from work-at-home employees?

Yes, there are, and we are one of the few vendors with the ability to monitor and selectively block mobile device usage.

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How to Create Effective Mobile Data Management

Usage Insights: This capability, along with real-time optimization is unique to MobilSentry™ – we illuminate everything happening with data consumption, including websites visited, categories of websites and how much time spent on them – in aggregate for the company and in detail for individual users.

Real-time Alerts: MobilSentry™ sends a notification when a user nears or reaches a pre-specified threshold. Alerts are more effective if sent in real-time rather than delivering days or weeks after the fact. Administrators can set and deploy multiple notification thresholds in a billing cycle.

Data usage controls: Administrators may restrict usage by limiting access to certain categories such as streaming video, audio or social media, enforcing hard caps, or even blocking access to cellular data during certain days and times.

Financial harmonization: Mobile data usage is linked to the overall cost. Enterprises must be able to translate consumption into dollars and see how it contributes to the top and bottom lines. MobilSentry shows organizations where they can save money and lets them tweak data consumption on the fly.

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