Monitor Usage in Real-time

In today’s environment of expanding data usage, it is crucial for mid-market companies to publish clear and enforceable mobile use policies for employees who are assigned mobile devices. It doesn’t take much for users, knowingly or unknowingly, to run up large amounts of data use through social media browsing and video streaming. Usage detail reports provide understanding of monthly usage by easily identifying top users of data, voice, messaging, and see their patterns of data use. With MobilSentry™, companies can gain deeper insights into user behavior by viewing usage patterns in the monthly trending reports.

  • Data usage patterns indicate usage amounts by time of day and peak and off-peak use
  • Detail information for each data, voice and messaging transaction 


Helping Employees Be Accountable

Helping employees take direct responsibility for monitoring their monthly activity will ensure they act responsibly. MobilSentry™ can deliver a monthly email recapping usage and charges to each employee, with managers also receiving an email summarizing all departmental usage and costs. We make it simple for employees and managers to drill down from summary to detailed views via our intuitive browser interface. Companies with a culture that shares responsibility for cost control with their employees can experience significant moderating effects on mobile costs over those who do not engage individual ownership in the process.

Enabling Real-Time Controls

It is no longer sufficient to manage employee usage only with historical information. Companies are discovering the value of learning in real-time about excessive usage. With MobilSentry™ it is now possible to receive text or email alerts when data use thresholds are reached. Alerts can now bring immediate focus and attention on individual behaviors and provide the option for quick adjustments to mobile plans.  Devices can be moved to other small pools, or data overusing devices can temporarily be assigned unlimited plans.  These proactive real-time actions can have a dramatic and positive impact on cost.

With an increasing number of ways to use data on devices, real-time alerts bring a great benefit to the quest to moderate unneeded data use for both smartphones and tablets.