Proactive Cost Control for the Mid-market

Mid-market companies are restructuring their wireless cost management processes to include optimization tools like MobilSentry™. They understand carrier pricing models make it challenging to match unpredictable monthly usage against rapidly changing carrier rate plans and features. They also recognize wireless carriers lack the motivation to help spend the minimum on wireless services proactively. Because of limited resources, without automation, it is not a question of if you are overpaying your carrier – it is a question of how much and often you are overpaying.


MobilSentry™ uses time-proven wireless expense algorithms along with the most current carrier offerings to systematically review all pool, rate plans, and features.   This guarantees the lowest possible wireless invoice monthly:

  • Aggressive monthly rate and feature optimization
  • Real-time data pool sizing avoids overage charges
  • Zero Use device suspension and termination eliminates over-payment for unneeded and unused devices
  • Quantifies ROI by tracking savings monthly

Monthly real-time optimization is the only way to ensure that carrier invoices stay at a minimum. This best practice should be a vital part of any mobile invoice management solution.