MobilSense Lifecycle Program for the Mid-market

The financial and security risk associated with company data left on end-of-life corporate-liable devices is a legitimate and growing concern. The cost of data breaches is on the rise. Even when employees or MDM software is resetting a device to factory settings and wiping data, it doesn’t deter individuals with bad intent from retrieving confidential information from a discarded device.

To address this growing security concern and also to be more environmentally conscious with mobile device disposal, MobilSense provides certified recycling and disposal. This service provides a one-stop-shop for wiping and disposal integrated with MobilSentry™ Order Manager.

Why is my mobile data still at risk if I have reset my device to factory settings?

To wipe the data successfully from a device no longer in service requires the expertise of a certified organization that meets industry and U.S. federal government standards. Complete data destruction cannot be accomplished with the tools provided by the device manufacturer; it requires supplemental technology and expertise to wipe all retrievable data.

What are the benefits of recycling?

Most mobile phones contain plastics and precious metals and when placed in a landfill can pollute the air and contaminate soil and drinking water. Recycling obsolete mobile phones promote a positive impact on the environment by protecting natural resources.