Proactively Respond to Data Trends with MobilSentry™

If you knew off-hours data consumption is the biggest wireless cost to companies, would it affect the way you choose carrier usage plans? Of course, it would, but what if you knew who, when and how that data was being used?  What if you knew your company was paying for your employee’s off-hour usage? Would you put controls in place to limit the amount of data your employees could use during non-work hours? Of course, you would.

Real-time monitoring is the ability to not only have access to actionable feedback but the ability to create alerts and controls automatically.  For automation to happen, you must have the ability to preset thresholds to block content categories, and you should only have to do this once.  That’s the definition of real-time control.

Our real-time capability provides the oversight to set the software controls you need to effectively block or cap data usage by identifying websites accessed during data transaction sessions. If your company isn’t proactively reacting to data trends, you may want to consider real-time monitoring to avoid spikes in your mobile budget.

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