MobilSense is committed to protect the privacy of individuals who visit our website and those who make use of our online facilities.

1. Information Collected and Purpose

Registration Information

When registering for a MobilSentryDIY™ benchmark and savings analysis you will be asked to enter your name, email and company name. Your email will be used to communicate the readiness of your benchmark comparison and may be used to communicate other useful mobility management tips and information from MobilSense. At any time, you may opt-out.

Carrier Invoice Data

MobilSense will collect and store three months of wireless carrier information for temporary usage. This data will include the cost and usage information of each device collected from your uploaded invoices. The average cost by device type will be used to compare against our industry average database. In addition, usage and cost information for each device will be analyzed to determine if there are unrealized savings opportunities. Upon completion of the benchmark and savings review, you will be given an option to purge your data. The three month average cost per device type values will be added to our growing set of industry averages while excluding any individual device number, name and company identifiers.

Website Data Collection

The following information is retained for any website visitor:

  • Requested web page or download
  • Date and time of session
  • Computer’s IP address along with originating web site or domain name
  • Computer’s operating system and browser type/version


Our website uses only session cookies which expire when the user closes the web browser. The session cookie is stored in temporary memory and is not retained after the browser is closed. Session cookies do not collect information from the user’s computer.

2. Data Center Security

Private Client Databases

The data of customers are never co-mingled in the application database. Each user installation has a database that is dedicated to the data of that individual client. Each account is protected by a unique username and password. Passwords are security hashed and only the hash representation is stored. Subscribers have access to their information only, and do not have access to the information of other users.

Transaction Security

This site uses Secure Sockets layer (SSL) to ensure secure transmission of confidential data identified by the padlock symbol located in the status bar on the bottom right hand corner of the browser window. The URL address will start with ‘https://’ depicting a secure webpage. SSL applies encryption between two points such as your PC and the connecting server. Any data transmitted during the session will be encrypted or scrambled and then decrypted or unscrambled at the receiving end ensuring data cannot be read during transmission.

Storage Security

All MobilSense equipment is located in a secure, data center in the United States. Access to the data center is controlled through a biometric identification system that restricts access to unauthorized personnel. The data center is equipped with full redundancy and 24×7 monitoring and response.

Access to any MobilSense application is only allowed via a unique user login and password. All interaction between the application server and the user of the system is brokered by Apache webserver running as a proxy for the user. Direct access to the application or database servers is not available.