One-of-a-Kind ROI Pricing

Return on Investment (ROI) is a key financial metric for any company expenditure. In practically every case, the ROI is based on projections and assumptions. Rarely will you know with certainty at the time of investment what your ROI will actually be.

One model familiar to telecom expense managers which attempts to remove ROI uncertainty is contingency-based pricing. For every audit or invoice analysis performed, a vendor will be compensated through a percentage of the recorded savings. Payment occurs only after savings appear and the current industry rate fixes the return ratio at 300 – 500 percent (ROI multiples of three to five times investment). Contingency-based contracts typically extend over a period of time from 12 – 24 months.

MobilSentryDIY™ ROI pricing threatens to render the current contingency contract process obsolete. Why? First, there is no contract or extended commitment required. Second, you will know your projected savings and cost before you commit to a one-time purchase of savings recommendations. If the savings uncovered by MobilSentryDIY™ are in any way significant, you can expect your ROI to range upward of five times the cost. If little or insignificant savings are identified, then there is no need to buy that month’s results. Each month the decision and ROI is always upfront with MobilSentryDIY™.

MobilSense has a long sustained track record of analytics and accurate savings forecasts. We now offer the unprecedented opportunity to know with high confidence what the actual ROI will be at the time of purchase. Unlike contingency arrangements, your payment is for a single month of savings, not an extended savings accrual period. Your initial ROI can grow to several multiples of that value over time because you only paid for the initial month. Our experience, however, suggest that savings can be found monthly in any carrier invoice and customers will want to upload subsequent months to confirm savings and to once again have the opportunity to make an ROI-based purchase decision regarding additional savings opportunities. With a 5x ROI or greater these decisions become no-brainers.

Because this revolutionary pricing model may seem unbelievable, we suggest you take the no-obligation challenge – load your data and see the return you can receive.