In Minutes – Detect Your Mobile Cost Vulnerabilities

Companies have been caught off guard by increasing mobility costs driven by rapid growth in data usage from an expanded array of sophisticated mobile devices. Doesn’t it make sense to figure out how well you are doing at controlling mobility costs? Are you confident your resources have the required expertise and methodologies to eliminate all expense risks? If you aren’t doing as well as you thought or should be doing, wouldn’t you want to know in order to take corrective actions?

MobilSense provides a revolutionary, multi-step health diagnostic process that quickly identifies the strength of your expense control mechanisms and processes. Through our proprietary technology and algorithms, with just a few key metrics regarding your most recent wireless invoice, we instantly generate an early warning score which is a predictor of potential symptoms of weakness with your mobility spending controls. MobilAlertDIY™ is an innovative, self-administered assessment tool that instantly calculates the difference between your current cost/device and your calculated ideal cost/device. You can administer this quick evaluation in minutes by clicking on the button below. Once the key metrics are entered, you will be presented with a relative indication of how well you are doing versus the best achievable cost/device based on your device mix. In minutes, you will immediately know the status of your mobility health. Our instant assessment identifies the presence of symptoms of deeper concern in very little time and with little effort.

If the early warning score indicates you might be deficient or even reflecting signs of material weakness, we will perform a more comprehensive diagnostic evaluation without any additional commitment and at no cost. With over 15 years of experience in mobile expense control, we don’t just measure our success against industry averages but rather against the ideal cost per device for your industry. You will be scored against your best possible cost per device potential. It’s simple, it’s fast and self-service – give it a try.

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