Powerful Results – Simplified

Performing an effective and comprehensive wireless optimization requires a variety of data components used with a series of complicated analytical processing steps. Completing this task entails multi-dimensional problem solving. Fortunately, with MobilSentryDIY™, all the hard work is done for you. The behind the scenes methodology starts with a granular extraction of information from your uploaded wireless invoices. This information only becomes useful when complimented by a battery of up-to-date metadata on plan and feature pricing attributes not available in the carrier invoice but maintained by a team of MobilSense experts. Finally, a constantly updated set of logic is applied that understands how to exploit the shifting soft spots in each wireless carrier’s pricing strategies.

With over 15 years of experience, MobilSense has demonstrated its ability to find and predict maximum savings with consistent accuracy; the challenge in MobilSentryDIY™ is to convince you the user that the projected savings totals will actually appear in subsequent months if the recommended actions are completed. In a world prone to embellishment and exaggeration, how is one to believe the claims of a third party that the results of a savings analysis are reliable and legitimate?

As a long time provider of solutions which bring savings efficiencies to our clients, MobilSense has developed a method of utilizing graphical views to simplify and focus on the elements of this complex process that illuminate the causal link between savings and the suggested optimization changes across a range of dimensions. We call them our ‘bird’s eye optimization views’ which are utilized in MobilSentryDIY™ to represent the root causes driving the savings projections. They are broken down into four different areas; 1) Adjustments in pool levels or changes in pooling models; 2) Feature by feature change and additional recommendations for both domestic and international feature types; 3) Identification of extraneous spending on features for which there is little or no relevant usage; and 4) Tracking of zero-use devices which become candidates for suspension or termination.

With MobilSentryDIY™ you will gain confidence and trust in the recommendations by the intuitive graphical examples, the clarity of detail and you will know exactly what you can expect as a return on investment before choosing to unlock the device by device details of the savings recommendations with your credit card payment. All this for a nominal one-time charge.