Success Story – Best Practices in Cost Allocation

Every month, organizations face the painful process of converting wireless invoices into accurate cost allocations against their budgets.  Some organizations just concede a level of misallocations because the effort required is more than the value of precision.  Organizations today using best practices for inventory control and cost allocation are eliminating the headaches of month-end processing with only a few hours to preparation for timely and accurate wireless cost allocations.

This is one of the tedious processes with resource demands and a battle with accuracy that without automation can be overwhelming. MobilSense has just published a Best Practice Success Story entitled, “Eliminating Wireless Cost Allocation Errors:  A Cost/Benefit Discussion.”  This brief overview discusses tactics for automating cost allocation and payment.  It also outlines the benefits of using automation to increase accuracy and timeliness of payment and cost allocation, reduce errors by the dramatic reduction of keystrokes and reduce staff required to prepare these reports.

Wireless Process Cost Allocation

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