There are many reasons mobile data use has seen a steady increase over the last seven years with video streaming accounting for more than half of all data usage. With the dramatic increases in mobile processing power and graphics capabilities, it has individuals more dependent upon their mobile devices than ever before.  This dependency often blurs the separation between business and personal usage. The Ericsson Mobility Annual Report projects 76% of all data use by 2025 will be from video streaming with much of the data use being attributed to the 5G rollout. 

There are many ways data users can incur non-business data usage. Companies that provide mobile devices are paying the bill for unrestricted video streaming and social media consumption of their employees and in most cases, have no idea how or when their employees are using mobile data.


When companies realize the amount of data used and how user behavior increases cost, they will begin to see how timely notifications are fundamental to increasing user awareness. Engaging employees in company cost control efforts require real-time notices for them to connect their behavior directly to company costs. Real-time texts are effective in notifying users of excessive data accompanied by email alerts to management. Data usage control starts with education.

  • Reduce cost while improving employee productivity
  • Help users understand the cost impact of indiscriminate video and social media usage
  • Real cost savings are generated when users maximize WiFi when available


Today’s rapidly changing data delivery demands new tools and approaches, or the cost of productivity-enhancing mobile devices will soon outstrip their benefit. Best-in-class awareness solutions, like MobilSentry™, use the following threshold alerts:

  • Preset threshold level alerts can be sent to any user or group of users.
  • Alerts delivered via a text or email with a tailored message can display key elements of data use policy.
  • Alert messages can reference the company’s expected monthly data use threshold.
  • For increased awareness and effectiveness alert notifications can be distributed to the user’s direct management.


If companies reduce the average amount of data used by 1GB across all users, it translates to $5.00 less than their carrier discount multiplied by the entire population of devices. For a company with a 10% carrier discount and 2,000 devices, the financial impact would be $4.50 multiplied by 2,000 devices or $9,000 per month. On an annual basis, the return on this control capability would be more than $100K! The potential return for empowering employees by alerts can positively impact the cost on carrier invoices.

Smart companies understand there are affordable solutions that not only help empower employees to make better choices on data use but see the significant benefit data management solutions bring to the company’s mobile programs. Real-time alerting can be an important cost inhibitor, and with MobilSentry™, notifications can be deployed flexibly to meet varying company cultures.

For more information on how MobilSense leads the industry in real-time alerting and policy enforcement, click here.

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