Coping With Work-At-Home Data Growth

During these uncertain times, where employees are now primarily working from home, organizations struggle to find balance in dealing with the new normal around working from home. How to contend with and control rising cellular data use. In a recent article, Verizon reported a 75 percent increase in video data usage since the stay at home order. All carriers are reporting upwards of a 20 percent increase in overall data usage. As a result of these huge data spikes, carriers have temporarily agreed to waive overage charges, but that doesn’t mean bills won’t go up with increased usage and higher data plans.

Non-business usage is fueling the rapid growth of mobile traffic. MobilSentry™ not only provides the rich analytics required to analyze data usage patterns but the necessary programming required to issue real-time notifications that will save companies from paying for home personal data usage.
Our three-step process:
Identify and understand personal data usage: monitor mobile data usage at the device level revealing individual personal versus business usage by domain, service and application.

Notifications empower responsible usage behavior: being able to inspect and report data usage in real-time can significantly reduce how much data your employees are using. By sending alerts of excessive usage to users in real-time, it organically guides usage behavior responsibility.

Apply selective data limitations to restrict unapproved usage: by enforcing compliance of company policies for remote employees. Individual devices may be restricted from accessing websites and entertainment activities as well as providing the ability to enforce overall caps on total data use, monthly.

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