With companies attempting to cope with rapid data growth resulting from work-from-home employees, where do they turn for solutions and advice? MobilSense is ready to engage as your “first responder” for combating data usage disasters. Usage is increasing and not just because employees are working harder at home than they would be working at the office. The lack of effective tools today results in the inability to control employee’s entertainment usage which is spiking in at-home situations. The good news is that there are remedies. It starts when business and personal usage patterns are clearly understood. Our solution enables deep views of employee mobile device usage. With insights into data usage patterns, effective use of real-time notifications can influence employees’ behavior to drive down mobile costs.

Visibility Beyond Standard Invoice Reporting

Carriers only provide limited details and are unable to show how employee devices are actually being used. Non-business usage, including streaming, are fueling the rapid growth of mobile traffic, comprising as much as 85% of total usage. Our technology runs inside the carrier network allowing visibility to the actual sites visited by smartphones, tablets, routers as well as hotspot devices. View in real-time the ranking of your company’s power users by categories of usage such as streaming video, audio and social media.  Knowing overall company personal and business usage percentages can aid significantly in mobile use policy enforcement. 

Proactive Notification Yields Results

Educate and improve employee awareness with mid-cycle alerts, tips and notifications. Customize mobile usage policies and enable automatic notifications in real-time to end users and administrative staff on unbilled data usage. Empower employees with information that delivers more prudent mobile usage behavior.

Selectively Apply Data Limitations

Restrict unapproved usage while enforcing compliance of company policies. Reduce your employee’s entertainment usage with policies at individual and group levels by blocking access to movies forcing employees to utilize Wifi capabilities at home and at work. This results in  more predictable company data usage by eliminating overages in setting data usage caps.

With data costs continuing to climb, avoid data cost headaches with these three elements of effective data management. You won’t find this capability from any other mobile expense management solution.

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